Get registered today to start developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

$1,000 to the 1st place male and female (each)

$500 BELITE Nutrition gift cards to the 2nd place male and female (each)

Bi-weekly prize packages (random drawing)

This is a lifestyle change – on average, each person loses 21.5% of their body fat!



Schedule your consult with a coach to put together your custom workout and nutrition plan. A coach will contact you in the weeks leading up to March 20 to schedule your consultation time. These consults can be done anytime between March 20-22. Follow up with your coach every two weeks to make sure you are staying on track. Final check-in must be done by Friday, May 17.

Individuals will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Body Fat Lost

If you start at 50 pounds of body fat and drop to 25 pounds of body fat, that counts as 50% fat loss. That’s the equivalent as starting at 100 pounds of body fat and finishing at 5o pounds of fat. That’s also the same as starting at 40 pounds of fat and finishing at 20 pounds of fat.

2. Skeletal Muscle Mass

You get penalized for losing Skeletal Muscle Mass. For each pound of SMM lost over 1 (0-.9 is penalty free), you are docked 2% fat loss. So, if you lost 33% body fat, but also lost 5 pounds of muscle, you would only get credit for 23% fat lost. This is done to ensure healthy weight loss and no crash diets to simply lose weight in a severe caloric deficit.

3. Nutrition Tracking

You will get nutrition coaching throughout this contest. Track your food with our software to win. You will be set up with a custom meal plan. The idea is to eat your macros as close to what we set up as possible. This is to ensure your success and provide you with accountability. Our coaches can see all of your meals that you log, and this is how we help you. Prioritizing your nutrition will make all the difference in the world for you!

4. Attitude and Effort (For fun & doesn’t affect you winning)

We want you to have fun with this! Communicate with your coaches and friends. Make fun social media posts. Take pictures of your workouts and food. We will have a private Facebook group, so be active and let us know how you are doing! The more involved you are the better!


COST: $499 (discounts to current members & clients, text 308.440.0241 for code)

On average, participants lose 21.5% of their body fat, but some have lost as much as 60%.  You cannot put a price tag on losing body fat, improving health markers, and developing healthy habits that last a lifetime! (Click Here to See Client Results)



-InBody 570 scan every two weeks (total of 4 scans).

-Personal consult with a coach to build your custom workout and nutrition plan.

-LifeBase Solutions Meal Prep Guide as well as many other nutrition resources and guides.

-20% off all supplements at BELITE Nutrition (inside Kearney CrossFit).

-Access to exclusive Facebook and email group for contest participants only. Here you will get tips on nutrition and fitness, access to coaches to ask questions and more!

-Daily accountability through text messages. 

-Entered into drawings for bi-weekly prizes.

-Free gym membership to Kearney CrossFit (but you can workout wherever you like!).

-Swag bag.

-Theragun full body session at Janssen Chiropractic.

-Discounted personal training rates.

-Round the clock access to our complete coaching staff. 

-Your own personal accountability coach.