Nutrition Coaching

Develop healthy habits that last a lifetime

Achieve Your Goals

  • General Health
  • Fat/Weight Loss
  • Gain Muscle
  • Fuel Your Performance
We begin with a 60-90 minute initial session which can be done in person, with a Zoom meeting, or over the phone. We want to know where you have been and where you want to go. We will discuss your current eating habits, where you struggle, and how you feel you need to improve. Listening to you, and seeing how you view yourself, will help us make a long term plan for you. This is not a quick fix. We are setting you up for a lifetime of healthy eating!
In our initial session, we will come up with short, medium, and long term goals. Not too many people will succeed by jumping in head first. We may need to start slow and develop some simple habits while learning about food. However, if we feel like you can handle completely revamping your lifestyle, we will aim to do just that. Most people will fall somewhere in between.
We will set you up with a custom meal plan to meet your specific goals. Meals will revolve around your schedule. We understand that school, work, family, workouts, and life in general varies greatly from person to person. With this in mind, there is no cookie cutter program that works for everyone. Everything will be set up for you, and your lifestyle, specifically. You will also learn how to use our nutrition platform to log your meals.  Your coach will have access to everything you log, so it is a great accountability system. A meal prep guide will also be given to you to help you start prepping healthy food!
The monthly membership allows us to continue to work together and make changes as needed. You will check in with your coach on a bi-weekly basis. We will update your meal plan as your body changes. Tracking body composition is an important aspect of us working together. Decreasing body fat is much more important than just focusing on weight loss. Additionally, we need to make sure you are not losing muscle along the way. We will discuss simple ways you can do this when we get started. Additionally, we take a lot of pride in going above and beyond for our clients. You will have exclusive access to email, or text, a coach anytime you like!

What's Included

Initial Consultation


60-90 minute consult to set you up with your specific plan. We will meet you in person, through a Zoom meeting or over the phone. Your background with nutrition and fitness will be discussed and you will tell us exactly what your goals are moving forward. Through this consult, you will be set up for success and ready to make positive changes in your life!


(after 3 months, $59/mo.)


Use our nutrition platform to track your meals. Bi-weekly check-ins will help keep you on track and allow us to make necessary changes to your plan. Additionally, you will have to the ability to contact a coach anytime you like!

Meal Prep Guide


No payment required