Body Transformation Challenge

8 weeks to get in the best shape of your life!
There is one Grand Prize winner of $1,000!

About this event

How to win:

Scan in at Kearney CrossFit or the CHI Wellness Center on or after September 20th to start. Scan on or before November 12 to finish. Simply lose the most % of your own body fat. For example:

If you start at 30% body fat and finish at 20% = 33% lost

  • That’s the equivalent as starting at 21% and finishing at 14% = 33%
  • That’s also the equivalent of starting at 45% and finishing at 30% = 33%
  • That’s also the same as starting at 12% and finishing at 8% = 33%

Our coaches have decades of experience, have worked with hundreds of nutrition clients, trained thousands of people, and have cut to 6% body fat themselves. We can assure you that this contest is fair across the board.

*You get penalized for losing Skeletal Muscle Mass. For each pound of SMM lost over 1 (0-.9 is penalty free), you are docked 2% fat loss. So, if you lost 33% body fat, but also lost 5 pounds of muscle, you would only get credit for 23% fat lost. This is done to ensure healthy weight loss and no crash diets to simply lose weight in a severe caloric deficit.

Pick from 1 of 2 packages:

  1. Pay to Play: $50 and unlimited participants
  2. Platinum: $500 and limited to just 10 participants

Pay to play gets:

  • InBody 570 scans to start and finish contest
  • Short consult with a coach to explain scan and help set you up for success moving forward
  • BELITE Nutrition Meal Prep Guide
  • 25% off all supplements at BELITE Nutrition (inside Kearney CrossFit)
  • Access to exclusive Facebook and email group for contest participants only. Here you will get tips on nutrition and fitness, access to coaches to ask questions and more!
  • Discounted nutrition planning through BELITE Nutrition – No set up and consultation charge ($150 value)
  • Automatically entered into drawings for weekly giveaways, prizes, & mini-contests

Platinum all of the things that Pay to Play gets PLUS:

  • Free gym memberships to Kearney CrossFit and to the CHI Wellness Center (not valid for current members)
  • Swag bag full of samples, tshirts/tanks and all kinds of cool stuff from our partners
  • 2 free massages at the CHI Wellness Center
  • Theragun full body session at Janssen Chiropractic
  • 3 Pilates Reformer sessions at the CHI Wellness Center
  • Full nutrition planning through BELITE Nutrition ($300 value)
  • 2 personal training sessions with a coach at Kearney CrossFit
  • 24 hour access to Trevor Brown – Owner of Kearney CrossFit & Founder of BELITE Nutrition

Full accountability throughout the contest. Bi-weekly check-ins on the InBody 570. Daily text messages and motivation to keep you fired up and going! You will be treated like one of our personal training clients.

*Option to purchase personal training at a discounted rate